Brief History and Overview

Neutron Products, Inc. was founded in 1959 as a nuclear engineering consulting business.  In 1967, Neutron moved to our present site in Dickerson,
Maryland.  Neutron services many industries:

Cancer Therapy

 Neutron has Type B shipping packages, special tools, and know-how to exchange cobalt-60 sources in virtually all types of teletherapy
 units.  Our Quality Assurance Program for Shipment of Radioactive Materials enables us to make radioactive material shipments.

 Neutron installs, services, inspects, maintains and removes teletherapy units, with many spare parts for various models kept in stock.

Whole Body Counting Services

 Neutron’s whole body counter is capable of detecting small quantities of radioactive material which may have been inhaled or ingested by
 individuals working with radioactive materials.  

Irradiation Services

 Neutron operates two radiation processing plants of its own and offers contract sterilization, polymer modification and other irradiation


 Neutron uses ionizing radiation to catalyze a polymerization reaction, the end product of which is a water soluble polymer, known as a
flocculant, which is used for solids/liquids separations in applications such as wastewater treatment, papermaking, mining, etc.

Toll Blending for Solids and Liquids

 Neutron has the equipment and know-how to blend truckload quantities of either dry or liquid ingredients.
Cobalt 60 Source Plaque
Irradiator Carrier Loading
Tank Room
Powder Blender